Manually update Windows 11 to version 23H2

For some reason on my Windows 11 Enterprise edition I was not getting the update to move from version 22H2 to version 23H2 through the standard Windows update service even after turning on the option to get the latest updates as soon as they are available (see screenshot).

In my case what proved to be effective was to manually download and run the kb5027397 enablement package that enables what are already installed but disabled OS features (as you will see the msu file is only 180KB as it indeed only enables already installed functionalities). You can verify your current exact OS version by going to Settings > System > About.

In my case before applying the msu my Windows 11 version read as:

Version 22H2
OS build 22621.2134

while now it reads as:

Version 23H2
OS build 22631.3296

You can download the msu file from the website using the following links.

For x64 systems (most computers):

For Arm64 systems: